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A hassle-free method to scrape Amazon reviews

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By eMagicOne

If you had to scrape Amazon reviews would you try to build a web scraper on your own employing your programming skills? Or you would rather find a tool or service to extract reviews for you into a file for further processing? In this article, we'll discuss the second approach and show how to make the best of it.


Customer reviews are invaluable in online business where customers can’t see and touch products before the buy them. When published on the website, reviews serve as a social proof for other users and entice them to purchase. Also, real customer feedback is a great source of information and inspiration when you are making up product descriptions, preparing promotion posts and other marketing materials.

With eScraper, you can extract Amazon reviews in a matter of one or several days (depending on the amount of data). The service doesn’t require any special skills from your — just provide a URL or products ASINs and get a neatly organized file to your email.

Steps to scrape Amazon reviews into a CSV file

eScraper is a service that extracts data from Amazon and other marketplaces as well as online stores, yellow pages, and other sources. To get Amazon product reviews you just have to fill out an online form. Here is how to do this step by step.

  1. Provide a link to the product, product category, Amazon seller or a list of product ASINs that have the reviews you want to extract.
  2. List the fields that you need.
  3. Usually, a review on Amazon includes:

    • Title
    • Customer name
    • Date
    • Rating
    • Content
    • Photo
    The structure of Amazon reviews

    The elements of a customer review on Amazon

    If you want to scrape Amazon reviews with images provided by the customers please specify that too and we’ll extract image URLs.

  4. Receive a sample file.
  5. We will run a test scrape, prepare a file for you to review and give you an estimate of the price of the full scraping. Here is how the sample file looks like:

    File with Amazon Reviews Scraped

    Example of the File with Amazon Reviews Scraped

    On this step, you can request any corrections so that you could get the info that you need. We will do our best to provide a file that suits your needs.

  6. Order the service and get Amazon reviews scraped.
  7. After you choose a suitable pricing plan and make the payment, we will send you the file with all Amazon reviews scraped.

How to scrape reviews from Amazon on an ongoing basis

If you need to get fresh reviews regularly you might want to consider a subscription service. Thus you will get fresh data according to your schedule and save on data extraction fees.

As you can see, eScraper doesn’t require any tech knowledge, so it is truly an easy way to scrape Amazon for product reviews. Just order the service and receive the file that you can put to use immediately.

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Use eScraper to scrape Amazon product reviews!

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Anonymous • 10.19.2020 at 18:06

I need 5* reviews to some of my products. Can I send you SKUs or ASIN so you could scrape reviews basing on my list?

eScraper • 10.20.2020 at 13:53

There are two solutions to your task.

You can provide product ASINs and the country, and we’ll scrape reviews for the products from your list into a file.

Or you can list SKUs and the country, we’ll do the search and scrape reviews for the first product found by the SKU.

It’s best that you fill out a free scrape form https://e-scraper.com/amazon/#freescraper. We’ll extract the reviews, and you’ll check the result.

harris • 09.03.2021 at 15:33

Could you scrape from this link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092TFJP8K
the following:
Featured Image
Short description (in bullet point format)
Reviews x5
We will import into Woocommerce.

eScraper • 09.07.2021 at 09:14

Yes, we can scrape data from Amazon. Please submit your request via the online form https://e-scraper.com/amazon/#freescraper (specify please that you need WooCoommerce import format) and we’ll provide you a test file within 24 business hours.

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