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    Jewelry websites scraping: use cases

    By eMagicOne

    Do you want to get into jewelry drop shipping or already run your web store? Then you must have faced challenges with obtaining product data. Indeed, creating product listings for a jewelry store, updating product descriptions, prices, and stock requires relevant and timely data. In this article, we’ll describe how jewelry website scraping helps to get these types of data really fast and perfectly structured.


    Scraping jewelry websites for product details

    Suppose, you want to feature a new jewelry line in your store. The fastest way to add new products is to upload them from a file provided by a supplier or manufacturer. Though, they will provide product listings in their own format. Therefore, you will have to adapt file structure for import. Moreover, there may be some details missing and these details are mandatory to create new products.

    A workaround is to extract required product details using eScraper. eScraper is a data extraction service that provides data on demand. Data is provided in a perfectly structured CSV file. To order jewelry data extraction, fill out the order form specifying the following details:

    • Product details: name, description, category, price, and other fields you need.
    • Website to fetch data from. If you want data from specific category(s),provide a list of categories or links.
    • Target shopping cart. If you plan on importing the scraped file to your online store and you want a file compatible with your store admin, provide the name of the shopping cart.
    • Your contact email. Provide the email to which scraped data should be sent.

    After sending your request, you will get a free test scraped file for review. You can import the file to make sure it is processed correctly and products are uploaded. After you confirm the scraped data fits your needs, the cost for the complete scrape is provided. After the payment, you get the complete listings.

    Here is an example of jewelry listings tailored for import to Shopify:

    Scraped Jewelry Listings for Shopify

    Abstract of the scraped jewelry listings for a Shopify store

    Let’s try to import a file with the scraped jewelry items and import them to Shopify.

    Shopify Import Option

    Use the Shopify import option to upload scraped products

    The “Preview” step gives you an opportunity to map fields from the file to the Shopify database fields. Because the scraped file is tailored for the native Shopify import tool, all the fields are mapped automatically so there is no need to make any adjustments:

    Shopify Import Preview Scraped Products

    Preview the products from the scraped file

    Products from the file have been successfully imported:

    Shopify Scraped Products Imported

    Check the scraped products imported to Shopify

    Let’s check how the product would look in the live store. As you can see, the necklace image product details have been added from the scraped file:

    Scraped Necklace Item In Shopify Store

    An imported necklace item

    Download a Shopify file sample and order a free scraping. We’ll send you a sample file within 24 business hours.

    Scraping images of jewelry

    Shopping for jewelry, people like to feel an emotional response to the items. That’s why quality photos of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, rings and other items are a must. Though, making your own photos may be difficult or impossible due to a number of reasons. In that case, you can import external images from your supplier or other sources.

    eScraper will extract image URLs of products and product variation. Thus, you’ll be able to upload quality images to your web shop. Sometimes it’s impossible to import images from links because of restrictions on a supplier’s server or shopping cart settings. In that case we’ll provide images as files. This is, though, a custom work which is paid additionally.

    Price and stock monitoring

    During high seasons like Black Friday, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, it’s important to keep sufficient stock and competitive prices. Scraping data on a schedule will help you to receive the latest data and make necessary adjustments to assortment and pricing on the go.

    Here is how it works. You provide a website or several websites and we do test scraping. Upon receiving your approval, we arrange a schedule of updates. The updates are then sent to your email, FTP, or Google Drive.

    If you need to sort and filter data to analyze price, sale price, or special offers, describe what file structure is convenient for analysis and we’ll format it accordingly.

    Scraping jewelry store location details

    Another kind of information you may want to extract is jewelry store locations. To scrape locations of brick and mortar stores, submit your request on the e-Scraper.com website.

    The details you should provide to get jewelry store locations:

    • Country, city, or zip code. Specify what area you are interested in.
    • Where you want to extract locations from. Provide a link to a yellow page website, Sales.com, Pagoda.com, maps, etc.
    • What data you need: Store Name, Address, State, Zip, Lat and Long, contact email, phone, etc.

    Our techs will fetch the data and provide you with a complete list of all available store locations with detailed information.

    Contact us to get examples of store location scraping


    As you can see, scraping of jewelry websites can be helpful in a number of business situations. If you have questions on any of the cases or you have another case not described here, just write about it in the comments. We’ll do our best to provide you with an effective solution!

    Check eScraper pricing to compare one-time and subscription service.


    Having a scraping service in your marketing toolkit, you’ll be able to get the information you need and make appropriate data-driven decisions.

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