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    How to scrape Facebook Shop and Marketplace and import data to online store

    By eMagicOne

    There is much said and written on the internet about scraping FaceBook user data: names, emails, comments, etc. In this article, we will talk about a different type of data. Specifically, product details listed in Facebook Shops and Facebook Marketplace.


    Running an ecommerce business you first deal with products, categories, prices, and other similar entities. So if you need to extract them from FaceBook Shops or FaceBook Marketplace here is a step by step guide for you:

    1. Figure out what data to extract from Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Shops and how it should be organized.
    2. Order free Facebook scrape at e-Scraper.com.
    3. Review the sample file structure and request modifications (if any).
    4. Place an order and get all extracted Facebook data in a CSV file.

    1. Figure out what data to extract from Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Shops and how it should be organized

    Firstly, you should figure out what information you want to pull out of Facebook. It can be a link to a FaceBook shop, or a category, seller, or search results for a keyword on FaceBook Marketplace.

    Find an example of the scraping request in our case study on extracting car listings from Facebok marketplace.

    Secondly, you need to decide what product fields you are interested in. If you want all available fields scraped then state so in the order form. Or if you need just certain fields you can list them and get exactly what you want.

    We will web scrape Facebook Marketplace and Facebook shops and provide you with the following data:

    Facebook marketplace

    Facebook Shop

    Listing URL Listing URL
    Title Title
    Category Name Category Name
    Description Description
    Image URL Image URL
    Price Regular Price, Sale Price
    Seller Name
    City and State
    Posted Time

    If you need images stored on your computer read our guide on how to download images from URLs.

    2. Order free scrape at e-Scraper.com

    When you have defined your requirements, go to the e-Scraper.com website and state them in the Facebook scrape order form. We will process your request and send you an example of extracted listings (up to 100 lines) with the specified data.

    Also, if you are planning to upload the extracted product listings to your stand-alone online store specify your target platform as well. We can prepare a file fully compatible with the native import tools of WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, or other shopping carts.

    Here is an example of the file with data fetched from Facebook Shop to be imported into a WooCommerce store. This file is fully compatible with the target shopping cart importer:

    Facebook Shop scraped to a CSV file for WooCommerce import

    Scrape Facebook Shop to a CSV file and import it directly to WooCommerce

    3. Review the sample file structure

    A sample file contains an abstract of the Facebook product listings. You can review it, make some modifications, try to import it to your store, and check how it is processed.

    At this point, you can require any modifications to make the file look good for you, for instance:

    • Scrape additional fields.
    • Clean up the extracted info from certain entities.
    • Increase prices by percent or value.
    • Add your company’s name to a description.
    • Remove, replace, or add HTML.

    4. Place an order and get all extracted Facebook data in a CSV file

    When you are satisfied with the preview of the scraped data you can place an order and get your full listings. The data will be sent to your email or FTP.

    Besides one-time data extraction, eScraper offers scheduled scraping. So you can purchase the subscription and get the updated file regularly.

    The bottom line

    eScraper is a service that extracts product data from Facebook, processes it, and helps to integrate it into your existing online store (WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, etc) or other systems.

    Let the service extract necessary product information for you and spare you from the routine!

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    Requested pricing for a rather small project now on three different occasions. Why go through the process of creating the same business with multiple business names and websites…when you don’t have pricing figured out?


    eScraper — 08.18.2021 at 11:06 08.18.2021 at 11:06

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