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How to scrape data from Hemphealthinc.com and upload it to WooCommerce

By eMagicOne

Sometimes you need to get data from a website like Hemphealthinc.com to upload it to WooCommerce store but can’t just export it. In that case, web scraping can help to solve the task.


Web scraping is commonly used to obtain necessary data from websites. But extracting the information is only half of the task. To take advantage of the data you have to sort it and make structured. In this article, we will describe how to extract product listings from Hemphealthinc.com and get them in a WooCommerce-compatible format for successful import.

Hemphealthinc website to be scraped

4 steps of the website scraping:

  1. Order free scraping.
  2. Review the file and request amendments (if any).
  3. Choose an appropriate pricing plan.
  4. Get all listings scraped and import data to WooCommerce.

How to Extract Data from Hemphealthinc.com with eScraper and Upload it to WooCommerce

1. Order free scraping.

Initiate scraping by filling out an online form. Specify the Hemphealthinc.com store link in the first field and any special parameters/filters in the second field (if necessary). If not stated, we will prepare a CSV file with common fields used for selling products on WooCommerce: title, price, image, description, SKU, variations, attributes, categories.

2. Review the file and request amendments (if any).

The sample file will be sent to your email. Please check if the file contains all necessary fields. If you want to change or add something send us a note and we will deliver an updated file according to your requirements.

3. Choose an appropriate pricing plan.

When you are satisfied with the sample file you can go for a paid plan. The pricing depends upon the number of products we’ll crawl for you and is site-based.


Note: You can order scheduled scraping and get your feeds updated as per the specified frequency – hour, day, week, etc. The files will be sent to your email or one of your file sharing servers (FTP).


4. Import a file to WooCommerce.

Once you have your file ready you can proceed to the final step and import the products to WooCommerce. Log in to the store admin, go to the Products section and click the ‘Import’ button:

Use WooCommerce import feature to upload Hemphealthinc listings

Choose a file on the computer and press ‘Continue’:

Choose a file with scraped data on your computer

Check the fields mapping. Typically, when you are uploading a file prepared by eScraper the mapping is done automatically. So you just have to make sure everything is mapped correctly and run the importer:

Check columns mapping while importing scraped data

On the last step you will see a message confirming the import completion:

Get import confirmation and view imported products

That’s how the process of extracting the data from Hemphealthinc.com and importing it to WooCommerce looks like. Take advantage of eScraper to get data from ecommerce websites and marketplaces and import it to the online store!

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