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eScraper software v.2022.11.0.11 – Press Release

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By eMagicOne

November 4, 2022 - eScraper announces the release of the eScraper data extraction software tailored for the eCommerce industry.


The software allows extracting data from external resources – eCommerce websites, marketplaces, review websites, and other resources. Users can specify a target website into which they want to import data and get an import-friendly file. The software was made considering the specifics of eCommerce websites where data can be displayed in drop-down lists, “show more” sections, checkboxes, and other ways. eScraper can extract this dynamic content thus providing full data for its users.

eScraper software comes in two versions: a free trial version and paid version in several packages. At the moment, eScraper software can be purchased at an early bird price of $299!

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